Will I lose weight in 3 months at CrossFit?

If you come to class, work hard, and watch your diet, then after 3 months of CrossFit, you will be able to see some huge changes!

CrossFit aims to optimize physical fitness in all ten fitness domains. Those domains are cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

So in each of these categories, you should feel like you have progressed. But to be more specific, here is what you can expect after 3 months of CrossFit:

Change In Your Weight

Many people lose around 6 to 10 kg in the first few months of CrossFit and if you watch your diet and eat healthy, then you could potentially lose more.

After 3 months you might need to buy some new workout clothes because your old clothes might be a little lose for you now. CrossFit burns over 100 calories per WOD, so when the body is burning more calories than it is consuming, that is when weight loss occurs.

Flexibility And Mobility Will Improve

Where you were feeling a bit stiff before, you might now feel lose. And where you were struggling to bend before, you might now bend with ease. After 3 months of CrossFit you will feel your flexibility and mobility improve.

Your joints will have become subtler and your muscles more elongated. This is due to the varied movements and workouts performed in CrossFit.

Improved Technique

CrossFit focuses a lot on technique and form because without it, you are more likely to get injured or not perform your best. Over 3 months, your squats, Olympic lifts and deadlifts will all improve, just to mention a few.

This will also translate into your personal bests. With correct technique and the stamina to beat the stopwatch while maintaining form, you will be smashing personal bests each week.

Become More Resilient

Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is a major change which occurs when training in a CrossFit Gym. It hurts, and when people are first in pain it can be quite scary. “Is it ok to feel like this?” is most peoples first thoughts.

The more you train the more you realise how much your body can not only put up with discomfort but also how much it thrives on it! Once you understand this you can push further without fear and embrace the discomfort knowing that it is doing you good.

You Will Be Able To…

After 3 months you should be able to complete good quality pushups, squats and lunges. You should be on your way to one or more pullups. Be comfortable with cleans and deadlifts with correct form and depth.

Run continuously for significantly longer than when you started. Understand and use Kettlebells and barbells confidently. CrossFit isn’t just training – it is an education as well.

Strength Gains

After 3 months of CrossFit your strength should have almost doubled what you begun with. In each workout you are pushing your body and pushing your muscles to perform better and better.

That means that you are stimulating your muscles to get stronger and larger, become more coordinated and have a much greater level of usable strength.

Better Overall Health

After three months your body will be healthier in general. Where you had pains before, you now should have no pains. Old injuries should not be niggling or affecting your performance.

Your energy levels should have improved and your mood should have normalized. You won’t feel out of breath up a flight of stairs and you won’t become sick as often.

If in just 3 months you can achieve all this! Then imagine what you could achieve with 1 year of CrossFit under your belt! So keep pushing, keep striving, and keep challenging yourself.

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