8 Real Life Examples of Linear Pair

Although mathematics might be considered one of the boredom subjects to many, but you would get amazed to know that it has many interesting concepts to experience in our daily life. One such jewel of mathematics is the ‘Linear Pair’ of angles.

Linear Pain is a set of two angles that are adjacent to each other, formed by two intersecting lines, and the measure of straight angle should be 180 degrees.

In our daily routine, we face several situations where the concept of Linear Pair of angles is applied. Even if we don’t notice, there are many things around us which form the part of Linear Pair.

The conditions of a Linear Pair angle are:

  • Adjacent to each other
  • Have a common vertex
  • Non-common side must make a straight line or sum of angles must be 180 degrees.
linear pair angle graph

We all might have thought that the Linear Pair have no existence in real life. It’s just a theoretical work. But, there are plenty of examples in our daily life, which suggests the involvement of Linear Pair of angles. So, let’s discuss some real-life examples of linear pair in detail.

Examples Of Linear Pair In Everyday Life

#1. Ladder placed against the wall

A ladder placed against the wall is a real-life example of Linear Pair. Here, the ‘angle A’ formed by placing the ladder against the wall is adjacent to ‘angle B.’ Both the angles formed have a common vertex and the sum equal to 180 degrees.

#2. Hands of Clock

Here also, the angle A and B formed by the hands of the clock are adjacent to each other, have a common vertex, and the sum of both the angles is equal to 180 degrees.

#3. Slices of Pizza

Generally, no one would think about stuff like mathematics while enjoying pizza with friends. But, if we see the intersections of pizza, we would notice the presence of Linear Pair angles. So, next time when you go to a pizza party don’t forget to salute the Linear Pair of angles.

#4. Scissors

A pair of scissors is a classic example of Linear Pair of angles, where the flanks of scissors, which are adjacent to each other and have common vertex O, form an angle of 180 degrees.

#5. Electric Pole

An electric pole is also a real-life example of Linear Pair. The angles P and Q qualify all the conditions to be considered as a Linear Pair.

#6. Justice Balance

Another reason to be thankful to the Linear Pair of angles is that it is involved in delivering justice; as the angles formed in a justice-balance-machine are nothing but the Linear Pair of angles.

#7. T-Junction

Whenever you go for a drive, don’t forget to notice the Linear Pair of angles formed at the T-junction.

#8. Chopping Board

You would be surprised to know that the Linear Pair of angles is also formed on the chopping board. So, the next time you see your mother working in the kitchen and chopping vegetables to make delicious dishes for you, don’t forget to notice the Linear Pair of angles formed on the chopping board.

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